Special Occasion


** Together We Bake Chocolate Chip Cookies make all events more special! Whether you are planning a birthday, anniversary or even a wedding celebration, we can meet your needs to make your event memorable. A big tray of TWB cookies is a perfect dessert, accompanied, of course, by shot glasses of milk! Individually wrapped cookies are a fun take away from an event. For weddings, we can even personalize stickers with your choice of design.***

   Option 1: Email orders@shop.togetherwebake.org and we will quote and bill out your custom order for that special occasion.

   Option 2: Fill out the Special Occasion Contact Form and we will contact you.


  1. Jill Nienhiser

    I ordered bags of three cookies each with a ribbon as cast gifts for the last show of a play I was in. The packages were so cute and the cast LOVED the cookies, of course, because they’re so delicious. Definitely a great special occasion treat!

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